Politecnico user

Permanent connection (recommended)

Through a one-time configuration (optionally with or without certificate), this service enables you to access in a permanent and encrypted way two Wi-Fi networks ("polimi-protected" and "eduroam") and to use via wired network the advanced wired connection.
This type of connection allows the use of the Virtual Desktop service (available ONLY via wired network) without bandwidth limitations.
To use the advanced wired connection, you must disable Wi-Fi and connect your device to an active network socket.

Proceeding with the configuration you will be asked to authenticate by Person Code and related password.

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Temporary connection

This service allows access to "polimi"Wi-Fi network by entering for each session your university credentials (Person Code and password).
This type of connection is suitable only for an occasional use.
More info and limitations

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Federated user
If you are a member of an EDUROAM federated entity, select the dedicated "eduroam" Wi-Fi network.
If you are a member of an IDEM federated entity, you can access the network through a temporary connection and use the "polimi" Wi-Fi network or use the wired base access, with the credentials provided by your institution of affiliation.

Access the network as a federated IDEM >>>

If you are a guest of this university and you are attending a conference or an event, you can access the network through a temporary connection and use the "polimi" Wi-Fi network.
To connect to the network, you will be asked for the temporary credentials provided by the event manager or obtained independently via event code.

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